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The aggregate weight trophies

Published: 11th Sep, 2017

It very close for the aggregate weight trophies, One trophy goes to the top 5 weights and the other to the overall aggregate (the winner of top 5 – cannot take this trophy as well)
1st, Karen Niblett, Top 5 Agg. 13.678kg. (Total Agg. 19.121kg). (SG Agg. 4.692kg).
2nd, Martin Eves, Top 5 Agg. 13.267kg. (Total Agg. 17.888kg). (SG Agg. 4.989kg).
3rd, Ian Cockerill, Top 5 Agg. 11.792kg. (Total Agg. 17.886kg). (SG Agg. 6.278kg).
4th, Paul Stone, Top 5 Agg. 10.786kg. (Total Agg. 16.882kg). (SG Agg. 7.315kg).
5th, Nikki Kennedy, Top 5 Agg. 10.078kg. (Total Agg. 11.41kg). (SG Agg. 5.159kg).
6th, Mark Beaumont, Top 5 Agg. 9.284kg. (Total Agg. 11.651kg). (SG Agg. 1.885kg).
7th, Ian Cappleman, Top 5 Agg. 8.477kg. (Total Agg. 11.553kg). (SG Agg. 2.24kg).
8th, Tom Ward, Top 5 Agg. 7.046kg. (Total Agg. 7.797kg). (SG Agg. 2.665kg).
9th, Steve Pratt, Top 5 Agg. 6.946kg. (Total Agg. 6.946kg). (SG Agg. 3.898kg).
10th, Paul Hamer, Top 5 Agg. 6.153kg. (Total Agg. 6.153kg). (SG Agg. 4.352kg).


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Mon, 15 Aug

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Wind: 11 mph; 30°
Clouds: 25%