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Match fishing General Rules

Published: 4th Dec, 2015

Match fishing General Rules

  1. All club match details, including times and fees, will initially be set by the committee prior to the beginning of the club season ( the club season starts immediately following the AGM, scheduled on the last Tuesday in October). Any cancelled matches will be rescheduled at the monthly meeting immediaely following the date the match is cancelled.
  2.  All skippers of competing boats must meet 1 hours prior to the commencement of any match at the match headqurters (HQ), which is currently the toll house, Marine Drive, Scarborough, for th following reasons.
    · Discuss the latest inshore weather forecast to agree that it is safe for the match to proceed.
    · Complete the match registration form giving the boat name and the number of anglers fishing.
    · Pay the match fees due by completing an envelope with the boat name, date name of anglers competing, with the relevant fee enclosed. Envelopes will be found in the match HQ. Completed envelopes to be placed sealed in the post box provided in the match HQ.
  3.  Five anglers are required for the match to proceed.
  4.  Skippers arriving late can still fish the match providing that they complete the match registration form and complete the paying envelope as described, prior to leaving harbour. the informationon the match registration form in the match HQ will advise skippers arriving late whether or not the match is been fished.
  5. Boats can leave the harbour 45 minutes prior to the commencement of any match, 45 minute steaming time iis allowed at the end of the match.
  6.  No member shall fish in competition with more than one line with a maximum of 4 hooks afixed. trebles count as one hook.
  7.  All members must hook their own fish, assistance only been givern to gaff or net and lift.
  8.  All fish weighed in must comply in size to the current DEFRA size limits, except where the club has agreed at the AGM to adopt a Minimum size that is larger than the DEFRA figure.
  9.  All matches are to be decided by an anglers heaviest single qualifying fish.
  10.  No Wrasse are to be weighted in.
  11. . No wreck caught ling to be weighed in except for the kingfisher Trophy ( heaveist fish caught out of the competition) and the len Dawson Memorial trophy (best specimen fish caught during the club year).
  12.  All competitors must weigh in their own fish.
  13.  All fish weight in to be clean gutted at sea.
  14.  Should a boat return early then it is the skippers responsiblity to sign off their boat on the match Registration Form so that all boats can be accounted for at the official weigh in time.
  15.  Fish entered for the specimen fish or ‘out of competition’ trophies, can be weight in, in the presence of any fully paid up member. in order to obtain an accurate weight the clubs digital scales must be used. these are kept by G Asquirth and are nor kept in the toll house. Please phone G Asquirth on the telephone number provided in the Members contacts (this information can only be seen by members of the internet site). as soon as you Know that you have a fish that you want weighing ‘officially’. Unfortunately the scales in the Club House are not accurate enough for this purpose.There will be a triplicate book in the match HQ which must be completed giving the following information:
    · Date
    · Name of angler
    · Name of boat
    · Species of fish
    · Weight – clean gutted only
    This must then be signed and dated by the witness. You are then requested to take a copy for your own records. the top copy is the clubs.
  16.  All mambers fishing from boats in competitions do so at thier own risk.
    Rules For TC, Coso’s, Monty Hall Challenges
    This should be read in conjuntion with the Match Fishing General Rules.
    A total of 12 matches to be fished during the club season which extends from the date of the AGM being the last Tuesday in October and the end of the season, 10 of these matches form the TC Challenge series – the only rule set in stone is that the competition is fished over land  rock within the boundaries that are – 10 miles either side of Scarborough Lighthouse and within 1 nautical mile of the nearest land. The other extended boundaries (Bill (Coso) Costin Challenge) and therefore do not qualify for the TC Challenge. Of the 10 TC matches, a number are to be fished on suitable evening dates during summer, and form the Monty Hall Summer Challenge.
    · All matches are to be decided by an anglers heaviest single qualifying fish.

TC Challenge

  • 10 points are awarded for an angler finishing in the 1st place, 9 points for finishing in 2nd place, down to 1 point for finishing in 10th place.
  •  If 2 or more anglers have exactly the same weight and, for example, they finished tied 2nd place then they would both recieve 9 points. the next angler would therefore finish 4th and would recieve 7 points, and so on.
  • The scores from the anglers best 8 out of 10 matches are used to provide an anglers cumulative score, with the lowest 2 scores being discarded.

Should any anglers be tied on the same number of points at the end of the season then positions will be decided by the angler with the greatest number of 1st places and if they are still tied then it will go to the greatest number of 2nd places and so on.

Bill (Coso) Costin Challenge

·The Bill (Coso) Costin challenge shield is awarded to the angler who weighs in the heaviest aggregate weight of thier single biggest fish in the 2 qualifying matches, namely the Elizabethan Trophy and the Pat Blakey Memorial Shield.

Sid Gibson Summer Challenge

  • There is currently no Club Trophy for this Challenge
  • There are 2 cash prizes, separate to the Club cash prizes. The two cash awards of £25 have been allocated to matches fished in an evening in the summer months. The committee will pick match dates each season, and these matches will be used to form this summer challenge. TC points are awarded and the Club cash prizes still apply for the individual matches.
  1. £25 for the heaviest single fish caught through the match series 
  2. £25 for the heaviest aggregate of an individual anglers heaviest single fish weighed in through the match series.


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