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Sun 18th September- Event 5- Yorkshire Boating Championship- Boating Competition

Published: 19th Sep, 2016

After day one of the Festival matches was cancelled due to a big northerly which coloured the water up for the first time this year,

we were lucky enough to get a good forecast and half the fleet followed Ian Capelman to his not so secret favourite place, however even though unexpected was surrounded by boats they had some magic potion onboard that meant they found fish when others failed.

1-Ian Cappleman 32lbs 8ozs
2-Howard White 16lbs 0ozs
3-Karen Niblett 12lbs 4ozs
3-Stephen Scales 12lbs 4ozs
5- Andrew Bradley 9lbs 4ozs
5-Ian Cockerill 9lbs 4ozs
5- Marion Adamson 9lbs 4ozs
8- Paul Stone 6lbs 8ozs
9-Derrick Long 6lbs 4ozs
10-Paul Hamer 6lbs 0ozs
11-Mark Beaumont 5lbs 0ozs
12-Tanya Page 4lbs 8ozs
13-Albert Barnaby 4lbs 4ozs
14-Dave Adamson 4lbs 0ozs
15-Dawn Briston 3lbs 12ozs
15- Steve Maskery 3lbs 12ozs
15- Ken Gaches 3lb 12ozs
18- Sky Mayfield 3lbs 8ozs
19-Tom Shipley 3lbs 4ozs

Greatest Weight from Landrock

1- Ian Cappleman 32lbs 8ozs

2nd- Howard White 16lbs 0ozs

3rd- Karen Niblett 12lbs 4ozs

4th- Stephen Scales 9lbs 4ozs

5th-Ian Cockerill 9lbs 4ozs

6th- Marion Adamson 9lbs 4ozs

7th Paul Stone 6lbs 8ozs

8th Paul Hamer 6lbs 0ozs

Greatest Weight by a Lady- Karen Niblett 12lbs 4ozs

Greatest Weight by a Junior- Tom Shipley 3lbs 4ozs

Greatest Weight by an over 60- Ian Cappleman 32lbs 8ozs

Greatest weight from a Charter Boat – Andrew Bradley 9lbs 4ozs

Heaviest Single Codling- The John Gyte Memorial Trophy

Ian Cappleman – Cod 9lbs 5ozs 0drms

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