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Jewson Open Results

Published: 30th Jun, 2016

A very Successful day in the Jewson open, far from perfect conditions but most boats managed to find fish with some impressive bags and individual fish mostly from land rock.

40 anglers fished from 11 boats, with 1 junior. 22 weighed in a total 774lb 3oz of Fish.

1st, Tom Ward, 67lb 13oz.
2nd, Martin Stow, 65lb 14oz.
3rd, Ian Cockerill, 63lb 7oz.
4th, Martin Eves, 60lb 15oz.
5th, Nikki Kennedy, 56lb 2.5oz.
6th, Dave Adamson, 52lb 11.5oz.
7th, Howard White, 52lb 6.5oz.
8th, Ian Smith, 47lb 5oz.
9th, Gary Snaith, 45lb 3.5oz.
10th, Ian Cappleman, 42lb 5oz.
11th, Karen Niblett, 35lb 12oz.
12th, Steve Smith, 25lb 9.5oz.
13th, Peter Botham, 23lb 9oz.
14th, Andy Plummer, 23lb 5oz.
15th, Tony Mountford, 19lb 0oz.
16th, Rob Limehouse, 16lb 13oz.
17th, Mark Beaumont, 16lb 11oz.
18th, Jack Whittaker, 16lb 10oz.
19th, Helen Wood, 13lb 13oz.
20th, Marion Adamson, 13lb 9oz.
21st, John Wright , 11lb 14.5oz.
22nd, Tom Bielby, 3lb 6oz.

Top Three Heaviest Single Fish13608263_1024536270956350_51225897_n
1st, Ian Cockerill, 11lb 7oz.
2nd, Tom Ward, 10lb 0oz.
3rd, Karen Niblett, 7lb 13oz.

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